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Introducing VisualDOC

Powerful software for optimising designs.

Multi-Disciplinary Design Optimisation

VisualDOC by VR&D is a general-purpose, multi-disciplinary optimisation tool for use in design process definition, integration, execution and automation. Included design modules are Optimisation, Design of Experiments, Response Surface Approximation and Probabilistic Analysis.

Intuitive Problem Setup

The graphical user interface allows users to construct an optimisation problem as a flowchart, allowing the intuitive linking of inputs, analysis blocks, objective(s) and constraints.

Comprehensive monitoring, visualisation and post-processing tools allow the user to interactively inspect and monitor the design process.

Integrate to Maximise Productivity

VisualDOC can be integrated with almost any analysis program – including user-defined libraries and executables – to provide a powerful design optimisation solution. Batch mode execution and programmatic access to all design modules is also supported.

  • PamCrash
  • other CAE softwareComputer-Aided Engineering
  • User-defined executables and shared libraries

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