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Try ITHACA free for 14 days. The trial is fully-featured and the download is complete with user manual and sample flowsheets.



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Gain process insight with ITHACA – understand process behaviour under varying input and process conditions. Improve decision-making at all stages of design and operations.

AUD 1,200

Per year, per seat, excl. taxes. 32-bit application for Windows. Academic and volume discounts available.

Included with every subscription:


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training material



sample flowsheets



unlimited computer changes


Here are answers to a handful of common questions. If your question is not listed please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I'm a student - can I get a discount?

Yes. Verified students receive a 90% discount on the commercial rate to access the fully-featured version of ITHACA for the duration of their course. Students may not use the software for sponsored research, consulting or other commercial purposes.

What happens when the trial period expires?

If no subscription has been purchased (or discounted licence issued in the case of students and lecturers) then ITHACA reverts to Demonstration mode. File saving and simulation data output are disabled in Demonstration mode.

How do I buy ITHACA? What is the process?

ITHACA is available via annual subscription. Click Request under Professional Subscription at elementprotech.com/store. Fill out and submit the form. Once we receive your information we will prepare an End User Agreement (EUA) and an invoice and e-mail these to you. Once we receive the signed EUA and payment we will send you an e-mail containing your user key.

I've purchased 1 seat. Can I move it to a different computer?

Yes. A user key can be deactivated on its current machine via the Help menu in ITHACA, and reactivated on another machine. An internet connection is required. A Professional Subscription allows unlimited changes of machine, but the number of simultaneous users of ITHACA cannot exceed the purchased number of seats.

What are the hardware requirements for running ITHACA?

ITHACA is a 32-bit application currently supplied as a stand-alone installation for machines running Windows, and will run on both 32- and 64-bit systems. ITHACA for iOS and for the cloud are future development targets.

Do you charge sales tax?

For Australian clients we add the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to every purchase, at the mandated rate.
No sales tax (GST/VAT etc) is charged to non-Australian clients.

What happens if my subscription lapses?

ITHACA will revert to Demonstration mode. When payment is made for another annual subscription the application will switch back to Professional mode. Your user key will remain unchanged.

I'm an academic - can I get a discount?

A 90% discount on the commercial rate is available when ITHACA is used for teaching. If intended for use in sponsored research, consulting or any other commercial application, a Professional subscription is required.

Personalised Walk-Through

Let the makers of ITHACA show you why it is the software of choice for your application.

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Tell us what you are looking to achieve through simulation. We would love to discuss how ITHACA can help you.

Core has used ITHACA on a wide range of processes, and found it to be invaluable for understanding the response of processes to changing inputs and conditions; it has become a critical tool for us in developing robust process designs for processes from pilot plants to full scale operations. ITHACA is a highly cost effective tool which I can recommend to any process engineer looking to reduce process risk and add value for their clients.

Dave Walker

General Manager, Core Metallurgy