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A Simulator For All Process Industries

ITHACA® is suited to the modelling of processes in which the major dynamics are associated with any or all of the following:

material & energy flow

material & energy transfer


biological activity

phase change

As such ITHACA is applicable to nearly all process industries. Equipment and unit process models are built using combinations of the basic building blocks provided: for example a stripping column, a batch filter, a fluidised-bed reactor and a thickener are all achievable in ITHACA. Once connected together, simulation of the flowsheet in time is driven by a powerful numerical solver and simulation progress can be visualised with reports and customisable graph widgets. Data is output in MS Excel format. See industry-specific examples in the following pages:

Mining & Minerals

The range of unit operations and the complexity of flowsheets encompassed by this industry is vast.


Optimise processes, tune control loops off-line and train operators with ITHACA.

Water Treatment

Quality control is everything. Predict discharge water composition when affected by time-varying conditions.

Case Studies

ITHACA has been part of the solution for process industry problems since 2012. Read some examples of these to discover how ITHACA might help solve yours.

Image indicating that the identity of the mine water treatment case study is confidential.

Mine Water Treatment

The new owner of a mine site had significant legacy environmental issues to remedy prior to restarting the mine and process plant. Chief among these was how to manage several gigalitres of contaminated water held in a disused pit while at the same time using the pit to store newly generated tailings slurry. Weather events were also a source of concern due to the total catchment area draining into the pit far exceeding the free liquid surface area available for evaporation.


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ITHACA user Core Metallurgy's logo for the pilot plant simulation case study.

Pilot Plant Simulation

Core Metallurgy was commissioned to design, construct and operate a pilot-scale Toowong Process™ plant in 2012. The process removes arsenic from copper concentrates, increasing the concentrate’s value as a source of copper metal and reducing its environmental impact during subsequent processing. Core needed to be sure that the sampling schedule and control philosophy applied to the plant would not compromise results at this small scale.

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Core has used ITHACA on a wide range of processes, and found it to be invaluable for understanding the response of processes to changing inputs and conditions; it has become a critical tool for us in developing robust process designs for processes from pilot plants to full scale operations. ITHACA is a highly cost effective tool which I can recommend to any process engineer looking to reduce process risk and add value for their clients.

Dave Walker

General Manager, Core Metallurgy

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