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Optimise batch and continuous processes, tune control loops off-line and train operators with ITHACA®
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Tight product specifications and the demands of just-in-time production typical of chemical plants requires good design, good process control and engineers and operators who understand the plant response to time-varying inputs and conditions.

Batch processes are common and these are impossible to optimise off-line without dynamic simulation.

ITHACA can play a vital role in testing the operability of your plant or unit operation design under all conditions. Train operators, tune control loops and develop safe operating procedures – all before exposure to the real plant.

ITHACA screenshot showing a heap leaching model and a process unit initialisation menu.


The following examples illustrate application of ITHACA to typical chemical industry problems

Triethylamine Production

Reacting gas-phase ethylene oxide with ammonia in a batch autoclave results in three concurrent reactions, only one of which generates the desired product. Simulation of this system under isothermal conditions allows optimisation of feed composition and reactor residence time in order to maximise product purity.

Graph displaying ITHACA dynamic simulation output for a batch triethanolamine production run.
ITHACA screenshot showing dynamic simulation of a chemical gas scrubbing column with step changes to gas input rate.

Chlorine Gas Stripping

Chlorine gas emissions are tightly legislated on the basis of human health and environmental impacts. Many processes generate chlorine gas and this is typically removed from discharge gas streams via a chemical scrubber. Modelled below is a caustic chlorine scrubber experiencing a sudden increase in input chlorine concentration.

Core has used ITHACA on a wide range of processes, and found it to be invaluable for understanding the response of processes to changing inputs and conditions; it has become a critical tool for us in developing robust process designs for processes from pilot plants to full scale operations. ITHACA is a highly cost effective tool which I can recommend to any process engineer looking to reduce process risk and add value for their clients.

Dave Walker

General Manager, Core Metallurgy

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